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Learning and Development

Every child's need is assed by observing and developing their learning progress. We support children to develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture by identifying any need for any additional support. The value of every child is respected and their families equally and each child's progress is identified and planned for the next steps.
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    Judith Perez
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    Learning and Development
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Class Description

Understanding the world.

Expressive arts and Design (exploring media and
material, being imaginative).

Communication and Language (listening and attention,
speaking, understanding).

Physical Development (moving and handling, health and

PSED (making relationships, self-confidence, and self-
awareness, managing feelings and behaviour.

We cover all seven areas of leaning according to the child’s
age and needs, every child is a unique child.


Our staff are required to build a positive relationship to meet the learning objectives of every child.

  • Being involved and concentrating, showing high levels of energy, and not easily distracted .
  • Keeping on trying, showing a belief that more effort or a different approach will pay off.
  • Persisting with activities when challenges occur and bouncing back after difficulties.