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Playing and Exploring

We support the children's development in the context of relationships and the environment around them. The unique child will reach out to relate to people and things through the characteristics of effective learning which move through all areas of learning including playing and exploring active learning and creating and thinking critically.
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    Judith Perez
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    Playing and Exploring
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Class Description

Understanding the world.

Expressive arts and Design (exploring media and
material, being imaginative).

Communication and Language (listening and attention,
speaking, understanding).

Physical Development (moving and handling, health and

PSED (making relationships, self-confidence, and self-
awareness, managing feelings and behaviour.

We cover all seven areas of leaning according to the child’s
age and needs, every child is a unique child.


Our staff are required to build a positive relationship to meet the learning objectives of every child.

  • Staff would play will children and children would be encouraged to discover new things.
  • Children would receive help as needed to what they are trying to do.
  • Staff would join in play sensitively fitting in with the children's ideas.